Chris Von Weinberg

“It has been a wonderful ride, but now it is time to turn over the reins to someone I know will carry on the tradition of our vision, helping artists who are wanting to help change the world.” – Chris Von Weinberg

After 5 years working with William and Anais Yeager, Chris Von Weinberg retired, passing the torch on to Damon Blalack.

Damon Blalack

Damon Blalack

”I am honoured to be stepping into the role of manager for the Yeagers, whose mission is one that unites the arts and the need for healing within the World. It is my desire to help facilitate such positivity around the planet, and certainly films, music, sacred tones, and new perspectives and awareness are key to that. As their Film That Changed The World (2015) impacted me as heavily as it did, I look forward to what other avenues their art and compassion for all people will come forward in the future years; to help drive such a movement is certainly an answer to my own prayers of change”.

 – Damon Blalack, 2016

Billy Yeager’s original style of music was the inspiration for the Surf Jazz Records Music Label.


Surf Jazz Records specializes in pressing and manufacturing limited editions of vinyl records, LPs, 45s, and also 8-track tapes and cassettes.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the materials we use.

At this time we are not signing artists, nor do we accept unsolicited materials.




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